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Take the Reins

Take the Reins ( aka Sugar’s All Black Rodeo) is a contemporary Western drama with a unique perspective – that of the indomitable Sugar Thompson, daughter of the famed Babe Thompson, founder of the historic All Black Rodeo.   In her quest to be the first African American national barrel racing champion, Sugar finds racism, unexpected love and redemption in a divided Montana town.     Written by Belle Allen and Michael Amundsen and based on a story by Josephine Swan and Marsha Rosenzweig Pincus,  Take the Reins  is a hopeful tale for these contentious times.

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On the Corner of Eden & GraceOn the Corner of Eden and Grace, a semi-autobiographical coming of age screenplay by Marsha Pincus, comes along just in time for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 and Woodstock.  Eden and Grace takes us back to the historic summer of 1969 and follows the struggles of 17 year old aspiring photographer Rosie Golden, her broken family and her alienated friends.  As heroin invades this suburban Philadelphia neighborhood,  Rosie’s struggle to save her friends without destroying herself is as relevant today as it was 50 years ago.

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Man of Many Colors: The Blue Spruce Standing Deer Story
Man of Many Colors: The Blue Spruce Standing Deer Story

Taos Pueblo artist, Blue Spruce Standing Deer (Pba-que-nee-e in his native Tiwa) has stubbornly chosen to live life on his own terms.    Man of Many Colors follows this contemporary Native American man on an personal journey as he claims his identity as a medicine carrier while integrating Tiwa values and practices into his music and paintings.  Directed by Mark Gordon and Tony Estrada,  Man of Many Colors: The Blue Spruce Standing Deer Story is an existential story of one man’s struggle to find meaning in his life and to offer a roadmap to others.

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